1 – War Profiteering is Killing Us All
2 – Capitalist Suicide
3 – Ghosts on Sunset Boulevard
4 – Junk
5 – 17% 18 to 25
6 – Capsule: AKA – Requiem For The Stupid Human Race
7 – All Systems Fail
8 – The Red Flag
9 – Nuclear Generators
10 – Bottomed Out
11 – Revolution is on the Clearance Rack
12 – Hands Tied
13 – I Went on Tour For 10 Years And All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt


With their 6th studio album, the Suicide Machines are back two years after « A Match and some Gasoline » with their brand new effort; « War Profiteering is Killing us All ». As the obvious continuation of « A Match.. »(2003), this record is probably their best ever. Heavy, loud and fast as the Suicide Machines have always been, they still mix dirty and hardcore-ish Punk Rock with Ska like no other bands. The listening of this CD ( at least twice a day since I got it ) makes me feel like they finally found who they are as individuals and what they want as a band. The politically-charged contents of this CD plus their ability to make songs so great-sounding proves it. A powerful but short (about 30 minutes) mix of 14 battle hymns filled with awesome vocal parts, killer bass lines, technical drum accents and starring the king of Ska Anthems; Dan Lukacinsky, it’s Detroit’s scene at it’s finest.

As usual, a Suicide Machines CD is a mix of Punk Rock, HardCore and Ska, and this is probably why I’m following this band since they began, or almost. No surprise here; this is what we got. From the hardest and heaviest songs to the up-beat and voluptuous Ska/Reggae-influenced tunes, this record is an honest reflection of the US actual disease and a fuckin’ statement to the Punk Scene : Emo will never count them into his harming hands. Thanks Jesus. This band kinda changed with the years, as their line-up did too. Fortunately, these changes haven’t disturbed their evolution at all. From « Destruction by Definition » (1996), to « A Match And Some Gasoline » (2003), you can feel the maturity the guys got from touring and writing more and more songs, before finally finding the perfect recipe for rocking; « War Profiteering is Killing us All ».

My favorite song is actually « Capsule ». God dammit. This song is so great. Starts like a lot of the other Suicide Machines songs; fast and eclectic punk rock with Jason Navarro’s incredible voice. Then everything turns to destruction; loud and slow Hardcore with heavy breakdowns, and a killer dirty old-school ska part, simply awesome. Plus the title of this song is plenty honest and so true, according to the lyrics of the song. (Capsule AKA – Requiem for the Stupid Human Race) There’s actually a lot of songs I just can’t get enough, like « War Profiteering is Killing us All », one of the most amazing openers I’ve been allowed to hear until today. Sort of a revival of « A Match and Some Gasoline », this song is simply great. « 17% 18 to 25 », a song about the last US Presidential Elections and the people voting or not is another of my favourites songs; « YEAHHHH FUCK THIS WORLD ! »; fast and harsh, dammit. Another masterpiece; « Revolution is on the Clearance Rack ». 2 minutes of intense screaming and an amazing bass line, terrible ! For the Ska/Reggae lovers, don’t worry, there’s lots of great stuff for you too. As « Capitalist Suicide » sounds a lot like their older stuff, « I Went On Tour For 10 Years .. And All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt » is actually one of their best « slower » songs. Reggae up-beat verses, slow hardcore choruses, the perfect mix if you ask me. « Junk », the 4th song, the most flagrant revival of the Suicide Machines good old days, is an awesome song too. I tell you, the entire CD is awesome. They even kept their « poppy-punk rock » influences on certain songs, like « The Red Flag », « Ghosts on Sunset Boulevard » and « Bottomed Out » that are anthems to all the sing along songs they have made earlier in their career.

As you succeeded reading this whole brick of useless words, you now deserve a little gift; you can STREAM THE WHOLE CD for your enjoyment !

Go to your favourite Record Store, and buy this CD, you won’t get disappointed at all ! This CD now wears the « 2005 Record of the Year’s » golden Belt. Thumbs up to the guys !!



1 – Ghettoblaster
2 – Addiccion, Tradicion, Revolucion
3 – Mayhem and Murder
4 – Smile Now, Cry Later
5 – DD Don’t Like Ska
6 – Dia De Los Muertes
7 – Eville
8 – Cochino
9 – Disaster
10 – Musical Pollution
11 – We Represent
12 – Enter The Dragon
13 – Bastard Music
14 – Used To Love Her

Another record I was waiting for so long .. As I thought that « Band Geek Mafia » was the shit, « Firme » drove me crazy like I never used to. I was like « Whoa, that’s a perfect CD, nothing can beat it! ». Then « Steady As She Goes » went out and it kicked my ass seriously. My expectations, like you probably already guessed, were pretty high for « Addicion, Tradicion, Revolucion » . Have I been disappointed ? Or fulfilled ? I’m not sure. It could have been way better if it haven’t been released on Victory, cause actually like all the other Victory Records bands, the sound and the mixing sucks (Except for Steady As She Goes that was brilliantly recorded actually). Sometimes you feel like it’s a huge melting pot of sounds and you can’t retrace what’s going on as well as « Steady As She Goes » was a pure gold monument of recording.

Musically, I have to say that this CD is great. Okay, it’s a Voodoo Glow Skulls CD, and you can see it after 10 seconds listening to the record, when the Eddie’s guitar kicks in and the Jerry’s (Drums) big paws are hurting the drumset. Once again, the Casillas bros sticked to their habits of rocking hard. I actually thought they were about to record something « new » or at least different, like every other bands are tending to do nowadays, but they didn’t. I’m happy about it and I’m disappointed at the same time. Some songs like « Ghettoblaster », « Musical Pollution », « We Represent » and « Bastard Music » are really powerful, but nothing compared to some masterpieces from « Steady as She Goes ». But actually, « DD Don’t Like Ska » and « Smile Now, Cry Later » are tending to be my favorites off this CD. More reggae-influenced and really slow, they’re awesome. Unfortunately, the recording and the mixing doesn’t give to Voodoo Glow Skulls the power and the aggressivity that they probably wanted to show (as usual). I guess it’s so bad, I miss Epitaph a lot.

So, for the die-hard fans, feel no shame on buying this CD, it’s a great buy for sure. For the explorators, maybe you’d be better of trying « Steady as She Goes » or « Firme » to see how powerful and trashy can be the Skulls.



1 – When The Night Feels My Song
2 – Shelter
3 – Living In Jungles
4 – Money Worries feat. Vernon Maytone
5 – Gyasi Went Home
6 – Shadow of A Man
7 – Jeb Rand
8 – Criminal
9 – Murder On The Midnight Wire
10 – Music My Rock
11 – Rude Boy Don’t Cry
12 – Immigrant WorkForce
13 – Nothing To Say
14 – Money Worries (E-Clair Refix)
14 – Rude Boy Abroad (Lazare Breakdub)

« Awesome ». This is the first word that comes out of my mouth when I have to talk about this record. Straight from the sweet Vancouver, these 3 guys are giving me the shivers. Brilliantly wrecking the line between Reggae and Dub music, the CD « Sounding A Mosaic », entirely recorded in Montreal, is one of the best things I’ve been allowed to hear in my entire life.

Strangely, the guy that produced this sweet and cheesy record is the well-known Darryl Jenifer from the Bad Brains. I’m actually beating my head against the wall as I’m trying to find out my favorite songs from this CD. Each and every single song has something different with the others, a different vibe, another mood, another tempo .. From slow upbeat Reggae to old-school Dub/Ska Reggae, the guys really redefine the entire genre, as no one succeeded at doing something as good or better than Bob Marley and the Wailers since Sublime did a couple of years ago. « When The Night Feels My Song », the first single, the first song of the record, gives you a great idea of what’s going on. The incredible Jay Malinowski’s voice kicks in and rapes your whole world with it’s amazing singularity. Then « Shelter » starts. I first thought this song was « Okay », but when the chorus starts, « okay » loses all it’s meanings. It’s more like « OH YEAH ». With the Eon Sinclair’s bass guitar rocking hard the Casbah, this song is probably my favorite I’d say. A bit faster, and more like old-school Dub/Ska, this is a masterpiece. I can’t review this CD without talking about « Money Worries ». An anthem of the « Bob Marley and the Wailers » good old days, smooth, guitar upstrokes .. This song is predisposed to make me smoke weird tobacco. I can’t forget « Gyasi Went Home », that makes me feel like the sunset somewhere in the Jungle, surrounded by apes and gentle lions, this song could have been used for the Lion King’s soundtrack. Awesome. Other excellent songs : « Jeb Rand », « Rude Boy Don’t Cry », and « Murder on The MidNight Wire ». Check out the two remixes at the end of the CD, they’re amazing.

Whoa. Go buy this CD, now. So far I can’t really find the way to bring this review to an end, there’s too much to say about this CD, so I’ll just shut my mouth right now.



1 – Pulse
2 – Mute
3 – Fuse
4 – Idle Kids
5 – Hotel X (Idle Kids Part II)
6 – Warning
7 – Uproar
8 – We Got A Bomb
9 – Open Letter
10 – Strike Anywhere
11 – Doubting Thomas
12 – Greta Berkman Vs. The City
13 – Cop Song
14 – Bulletproof

« Revolution .. I think it’s Called Inspiration » isn’t a new album at all. Yeah, actually this masterpiece is a reissue. The first thing you’ll notice by listening this CD is « The voice sounds a lot like Strike Anywhere! ». Yeah, this voice is Thomas from Strike Anywhere. INQUISITION actually influenced a lot of bands back in the day, when they released this CD for the very first time. Former members are now in Strike Anywhere (Thomas), Ann Beretta (Rob) and River City High (Mark). By the way, the band « Strike Anywhere » gots it’s name from an INQUISITION song called the same. From the very first chord I heard, I knew I was going to have a good day.

Now let’s talk about their music. Back in the day, I have to say that their music was a big step forward for the PunkRock scene in general. More technical and melodic than a lot of bands at this time, this CD is still pretty actual and great even nowadays. Songs like « Pulse », « Mute », « Idle Kids » and « Uproar » really got me at the very first listening. My favorite song is for sure the one called « Strike Anywhere », it’s a pretty fast and melodic song, with a harsh and catchy chorus, thumbs up.

All along the CD, you’ll discover a band that is still pretty singular by it’s style. Even today, I have to say that no band can pretend to do stuff like INQUISITION did. For sure, Strike Anywhere refers a lot, considering that it’s the same singer, but you can’t really say that they nailed it as INQUISITION did it a decade ago. Fast, energic, melodic, this CD shows a lot of positiveness in the music lines, just like the mood of the CD is pretty different than the « anger-hate-tragedy » actual form of PunkRock. Amazing bass lines, catchy choruses, fast verses, I’m so sad I’ve never heard of them before I received this masterpiece in my mailbox.

So, for the fans of « old-school » PunkRock, of simply for the fans of good old Punk n’ Roll, this is a must. You can listen to some of the stuff on their MySpace page ( and get fulfilled enough to wait for this piece of gold to be officially released !

Some comments from some guys you might know :

« A band like Inquisition made a dent in the underground punk community in their heyday, when they should have been a full blown car crash. » -Tim Barry (AVAIL)

« Very few things will leave as lasting an impression on me as the first chord of the first song I heard by them. » -Jason Black (HOT WATER MUSIC)

« Inquisition had it all, the energy, the desperation, political lyrics, it was all there and it got me so psyched. » -Tim (ENSIGN)

« I thought they were what punk rock should sound like. » – Pat Thetic (ANTI-FLAG)


1. Intro
2. Fred’s Got Slacks
3. There’s a Problem
4. Public Service Announcement
5. Bad News
6. My Hands are Tied
7. Gullible
8. Scum Punch
9. I am abandoned
10. Macoretta Boozer
11. Broken Bones
12. Quality Television
13. Do or Die

Freshly out of high school, these young guys from Toronto ripped the Ontarian scene since 2002, bringing to people’s ears their brand new kind of PunkSka, or « Skunk Rawk », for the purists. From the nicest two-tone ska verses to their harsh and eclectic PunkRock choruses, their 3rd release totally ripped me.

As the Ska scene tends to fade away and the gaymo universal passion never stops to grow and invade the music industry, The Flatliners really brings a fresh breeze over this total mess, sweeping away the wreckage of the early 2000’s Punk scene to take their own place down here and standing out as kings. 2005 was a great year for PunkSka I have to say. After one of the most brilliant releases ever by The Suicide Machines, the discover of The FlatLiners totally ties the buckle. An awesome mix of two-tone ska melodies and punk choruses, bright lyrics, and a surprising maturity – considering that they just stopped dirtying their diapers – that you will discover when you’ll give a listen to this album. You’re probably wondering « Why the f*** is Skunk Rawk? » Me too. Here’s what we can find on their official site:

– Skunk*Rawk –

n. pl. Skunks*Rawkssssx or Skunk*Rawk*can*not*be *plu*ra*lized

1. The combination of two-tone ska and brain hemorrhaging punk rock.

2. A lethal dose of « fuck you up » music.

3. The way in which you will be killed. ie. « Skunk Rawk actually killed me… How can music do that?! »

Cool. Let’s talk about the songs now. I actually can’t choose or name my favorite, but after seeing them live, I have to admit that « Fred’s Got Slacks » and « There’s a Problem » are pretty much the best ones out of the album. Fast, dirty, the nirvana. Not Punk enough for you? Okay. Try « My Hands Are Tied » and try not to shake your head ! You feel old-school today ? Alright. « Macoretta Boozer » and « Scumpunch! » are for you. A brilliant mix of old-school PunkSka and more actual two-tone ska, this song rapes your dad (and I did too by the way). « Do or Die », the closer, is simply awesome. Way slower than the rest of the album, but still pretty genius in it’s lyrics and it’s overall melody.

The CD has recently released in the US and via, so there’s no more reason good enough not to buy this awesome CD. They have some dates coming up, check out the venues and don’t miss your chance to catch them live somewhere, it’s .. something.

For the fans of Suicide Machines, Operation Ivy, The Clash and Rancid. Hands down guys !



1 – A Speculative Fiction
2 – Fixed Frequencies
3 – Fedallah’s Hearse
4 – Cut Into The Earth
5 – Bringer Of Greater Things
6 – Die Jugend Marschiert
7 – Rock For Sustainable Capitalism
8 – Impending Halfhead
9 – Life At Disconnect
10 – Name And Address Withheld
11 – Superbowl Patriot XXXVI
12 – Iteration

Well… Four long years of waiting since the release of the unquestionable masterpiece « Today’s Empires, Tomorrow’s Ashes », Propagandhi are finally back with their brand new effort; « Potemkin City Limits ». I got the CD like a week ago or so, and I really wanted to wait before posting my review, just to give it some time to grow on me, but still today, it still haven’t. We always saw evolution between each and every Propagandhi albums. In 1993, when they released « How to Clean Everything », we discovered a pure « Fat Wreck Band », then we got surprised by « Less Talk, More Rock » back in 1996 with more melodies, better guitar works, better lyrics, and a trashy side tending to emerge from their music. Then we got « Where Quantity is Job #1 » (1998), sort of a recollection of b-sides, live performances and unreleased songs. Later, in 2001, we all received a serious kick in the ass when they released « Today’s Empires, Tomorrow’s Ashes », with their new bass guitar player, Todd Kowalski, bringing a very new dimension to their music with his harsh and dad-raping voice and his new influences. I still think that this was their best record ever, and if not, my favourite unless.

So, welcome in 2005, lots of things changed, and lots haven’t. Chris Hannan being himself once again, you can expect awesome lyrics and incredible guitar riffs, mission accomplished. The very first thing you notice when you hear the CD is that his voice matured a lot. It’s cleaner than ever, perfectly balanced, wow. The second thing you notice, unfortunately, no it’s not heavier than « TETA ». I’m a part of the people that were waiting for a total trash album with more dirty chords and blasphemy words, I have to admit. Even though it’s still a pretty great album, the thing I’m a bit letdown of is for sure the lack of edgy hardcore parts of « Today’s Empires … « , with Todd singing like an interned and Chris shredding his guitar like a riot. We sure got a really mature album. Everything’s perfectly fitting, each note is placed where she belongs to, drum parts are simply perfect, I have nothing to say against the technical aspects of the album. It’s brilliantly produced; you can really see the genius of these 3 guys all along the CD. Songs like « Name and Address Withheld » and « Die Juegend Marschiert » are true reminders of the « Less Talk, More Rock » era, as « Impending HalfHead », « SuperBowl Patriot », « Fedallah’s Hearse » bring us back to the « Today’s Empires » days. But actually, the greatness of this CD is all about the other songs. The opener, « A Speculative Fiction », is one of the most brilliant openers I’ve been allowed to hear. 4:14 length, you really feel like there’s something big going on. Then, right after, you jump into « Fixed Frequencies », probably their nicest vocal harmonies ever, a real slow song, getting faster slowly, quietly, bringing you back to a gorgeous melody, and bringing you half-hypnotised to the next song. Another thing too, Todd can sing. He can sure damn do it pretty well too. « Cut into the Earth » is the best proof. Another slow song, but whoa… One of the nicest songs off the album, « Rock for Sustainable Capitalism », an evident blink of an eye to Fat Mike (Fat Wreck Chords), quoting « When did Punk Rock become so safe? » from NoFX’s latest album « War on Errorism », contains the weirdest scream ever (1:34), look forward to hear that, that’s something. I can’t talk about « Potemkin City Limits » without mentioning anything about the closer, « Iteration ». Not as « complete » as « Purina Hall of Fame » (Today’s Empires) if you ask me, but once again, they nailed it.

So, in conclusion, as I can’t say I’m plenty happy with this record, I have to say it’s an excellent album. It’s musically -and lyrically- perfect. As I said before, I was really looking for the « logical » follow-up to « Today’s Empires », so yeah, I had some problems getting into it as some friends of mine liked it at the first listening. Taking in retrospect all their previous releases, this CD will for sure make everyone happy. They gathered all their strong points together and dropped everything else, to finally nail an awesome record that we’ll still be listening in a decade I guess. Thumbs up to Chris, Todd and Jord, once again.



1 – Diary
2 – Corrugated Ideas
3 – Free Port
4 – Dignified Response
5 – Last Step
6 – No Footsteps To Follow

1 – Imbalanced
2 – No Clue
3 – World Today (Gone Tomorrow)

Okay. Propably none of you guys have ever heard about « HandHeld », right ? So let me introduce them to you. Rocking the Kitchener area since 1998 with their fast and melodic punk rock and their contagieous lead guitars, it’s just so bad that they’re still being underdogs to the industry. Right at the first listening, I’ve been amazed by the way these guys are mixing aggressive punk rock with these so melodic harmonies. Their 4th official release, « The Mark Worner EP », once again released under an Independent Label, really shows an unexpected maturity for a punkrock band nowadays and so much freshness at the same time, it’s pretty amazing, as the « All We Could Afford » demo they sent me too, shows 3 incredible songs that I can’t stop listening to. Everybody here thinks I’m retarded cause I listen to the same 3 songs all day. Haha.

So let’s talk a little bit more about « The Mark Worner EP », their latest effort. This CD, totally remembering me my good old days when I was younger and listening to some old-school punk with my friends between classes on the school’s radio. Hard-hitting, fast and melodic, it’s so cool to me to be blessed to finally hear something like that again without having to listen to my old punk records from the early and mid 90’s I’m starting to get tired of. From wonderful basslines to the technical and aggressive dual lead guitars, everything seems to be calculated and I have to say that everything’s fitting perfectly. Oh, and I can’t talk about HandHeld without talking about the singer’s voice. Whoa. Perfectly fitting, it looks like Andy Dietrich (vocalist) knows how to use his voice and he’s so good at it. Sort of a mix of maybe Millencolin and Face to Face, his voice really finds his place here in the now-redundant punk rock industry. You really have to take look forward to hear « No Footsteps to Follow », « Diary », and « Dignified Response », that are, to me, the 3 major acts from this EP.

Now let’s talk about the « All We Could Afford » demo that they sent me with their EP. Incredibly great too. Everything’s amazing about this demo, except the fact that there’s only 3 songs on it, 3 songs that aren’t on any other of their releases. A must-have or a must-buy, if you ever have the chance to buy it. The first song, « Imbalanced », is driving me totally insane. Sort of a musical mix between No Use For A Name, LagWagon and maybe Face To Face, this song is on my daily playlist since I got it, 2-3 weeks ago. So kind and cute and so fast and aggressive at the same time, waow. « No Clue », the second song, is way more aggresive and maybe « darker », if I can say that. Pretty cool bassline, musically and technically really cool too. Then you get into « World Today (Gone Tomorrow) », harsh, aggressive, fast, sick. Really worked out vocal harmonies, gang vocal, fast and technical palm mutes, indeed, it’s an excellent song. I’d love to talk of the songs for an hour, but I’m already done now. Hehe.

So. Now I have a little surprise for you guys. Because the Handheld guys are awesome and incredibly cool, I received more than one copy of their « All We Could Afford » demo. So here I go with a little contest. I have 3 extra copies to give away to the first 3 persons e-mailing me the title of their very first release. (Hint : Everything’s on their website.) Will be added to the package some stickers, and my really rare and wanted lipstick kiss. Send me your mailing adress, your name, how you discovered and for sure the answer to the question to, giving your email the title « Handheld contest ».

Don’t miss your chance to see these guys live if you ever get a chance, go talk to them, they’re really awesome.



1 – I’d Tell You But
2 – The Press Corpse
3 – Exodus
4 – Project For a New American Century
5 – Hymn For The Dead
6 – This is The End (For You My Friend)
7 – One Trillion Dollars
8 – State FuneralImbalanced
9 – Confessions of an Economic Hit Man
10 – War Sucks, Let’s Party !
11 – The W.T.O. Kills Farmers
12 – Cities Burn
13 – Depleted Uranium is a War Crime

Finally, the high-awaited and highly spoken follow-up to 2003’s Terror State saw it’s hollow at the crossroads of the PunkRock history. Two years after what some called a « disaster » and some others claimed as a masterpiece, Anti-Flag is finally back on the map with their latest effort; For Blood and Empire. With their first step with RCA Records (Sony BMG), the Pittsburgh’s pride has quite found a compromise between the fact of being on a major and sticking to their roots. As everyone thought that the guys were burned out and just sold out, the evidence shows in a ray of sparkles that Anti-Flag are still on the course and honest as they’ve always been. The evolution of the band through years fooled the dumbest beings making them think that they were going mainstream and that they only wanted to sell more CDs, now let me tell you that they sure will, but they damn sure deserve it.

Now let’s talk about the CD itself. Harder, but not faster, I got to say that this is the logical following of The Terror State (2003), without being a warmed up meal stuffed into your mouth once again. Showing a huge self-improvement as individuals and as a band, the guys really nailed it I got to say. Gorgeous sing-alongs and steady Ska rhythms, fast and harsh Punk anthems, we got it all. Musically, I think it’s a huge step forward, regarding the global evolution of the band. The guitar parts will show; Anti-Flag are getting better by the years. Chris #2 being loyal to himself once again, the album is filled with neat bass parts, and his harsh voice is completing the equation perfectly, once again. As some people tend to say that Justin’s voice is getting old with years, I just wanted to say that the mixing of the CD and the instrumentations are making us forgetting about it quite fast. The whole CD flows from track 1 to track 13 like a fish in the sea, the incredible diversity shown between each song helps a whole lot, the production is neat, whoa. For the lovers of older years, « Depleted Uranium is a War Crime » and « State Funeral » will sure please you, as « This is the End (For You My Friend) » and « One Trillion Dollars » will make you sing along like you never did. Now let’s talk about my personal favourites. As a huge Ska fan, I was overexcited to hear « The Press Corpse », a rare pace of A-F in the path of Ska soundings, and my surprise was doubled when I heard « The W.T.O. Kills Farmers », a slow and upbeat anthem to my (our?) rural reality, cause yeah, the W.T.O. is destroying all the basics of our local economy. As one of the best openers ever created by Anti-Flag for one of their CDs, « I’d Tell You But » is hell of a nice song, setting the bridge between « One People, One Struggle » (The Terror State’s last song) and what Anti-Flag is right now. A revival of some Underground Network’s fast and heavy songs mixed with a really nice solo (hands down Justin!) and some nice lyrics, it’s serious foretaste of what coming up. If I had to choose or pick only one song on the CD, as curious as it seems, I would pick « This is the End (For You My Friend) » without hesitation. Even though it’s pretty much the « single hit » off the album and that it’s clearly a commercial song, I just can’t help but sing like a riot all the way through it.

Well, in conclusion, I think it’s an A+ class CD, even though my expectations (regarding the singles « Antithetic to the Cure » and « This is What a Feminist Looks Like ») haven’t been totally fulfilled. It’s now been a month or so since I got the promotional copy in my mailbox (thanks to A-F Records), and the casual listening of this record is still making me happy, which is a huge sign of a total accomplishment and the proof that Anti-Flag is still a great band. Most people will still say that they sold out, let me tell them to go fuck themselves right away, they’re just a bunch of ignorants if you ask me. I won’t give a lame « out of 10 » note this time, I’ll let you guys make up your mind by yourselves. Hands down to the guys, once again !


1. Seeing Double at Triple Rock
2. The Marxist Brothers
3. Golden Boys
4. You’re Wrong
5. Everything in Moderation (Especially Moderation)
6. I’m Going to Hell For This One

Oh well. 3 years ago, I was looking at the NoFX’s « War on Errorism » CD for the first time and I was thinking: « Okay, can they get any worse at all?  » So I just played the CD on my computer and suddenly felt like the guys finally did something great, after a couple of long years of stagnation and warmed up recipes of lame PunkRock songs. A couple of days ago I was looking at their newest EP; « Never Trust a Hippie » and I have to say that for the first time ever, I was having expectations about a NoFX CD. Okay, I’m not a huge NoFX fan, first of all. Anyway. This 6 songs EP can be considered as the foretaste of their upcoming full length release called « In Wolve’s Clothing », or if you prefer, « an average collection of « decent » B-Sides and a couple of songs that are good enough to put on a real record ». So, I don’t think I’m gonna do sort of a « complete » review, since I don’t really feel the need to do it. Check out « Golden Boys » and « Everything in Moderation… » that are probably my personal favourites. It’s just too bad they’re not going to be on the new record. For a « Separation of Church and Skate » rip-off, go for « Seeing Double at Triple Rock », for an old 7 » of the Month’s club song just go for « You’re Wrong », and for a « Super-Fat-Mike-Typical-Bass-Riff », « I,m Going to Hell for this One » is dedicated to you. The only song left, « The Marxist Brothers », is pretty boring, in my opinion. So, as the eternal optimist I’ve always been, I think it’s WAY better not to trust a EP and just wait for the full length release to make up our minds. How I miss the good old NoFX back in 1994 !

The Loved Ones – Keep Your Heart


1. Suture Self
2. Breathe In
3. Jane
4. Over 50 Club
5. Please be Here
6. Hurry Up and Wait
7. Sickening
8. Living Will (Get you Dead)
9. The Odds
10. Benson & Hedges
11. Arsenic
12. 100k
13. Player Hater Anthem

Oh jesus. As all the FAT bands are stuck on sucking lately, I kinda stopped listening to most of them and my life was going way better. By the most hazardous hazard, I was flipping through the PureVolume site pages and I just clicked on a band called The Loved Ones. Whoa.

What a kick right up the ass. Trios sure can rock, and these guys are the living proof. A brilliant mix of good old PunkRock and a powerful Poppy edge, I gotta say that this CD will probably be this summer’s « most played CD in my car » award winner. A vocal mix of uh let me think Nuno from A Wilhelm Scream and Thomas from Strike Anywhere, nice guitar riffs, neat bass guitar parts and awesome melodies Fat Wreck at it’s finest. The whole CD is fully enjoyable, some songs are quite slow but still it’s an A+ Class record. The first song, « Suture Self », kicks in like daddy IN mommy. It sure stands out as my favourite song. Play it loud! Some other songs are pretty amazing, like « Living Will (Get Your Dead) », a Blink182-ish poppy song, or « Benson & Hedges », my second favourite, a real « Strike-Anywhere-influenced » song. I sure can’t forget to talk about « Over 50 Club », maybe the only song that can get along with « Suture Self » when it comes down to speedy p0nK. The rest of the slow is quite slow, which makes the whole listening of the CD sort of an up and down experience, which isn’t half bad.

« So what can I say to end this review? », I was asking myself. Even though I really like this album, I couldn’t feel okay with myself by saying that this is a « masterpiece » or whatsoever, because it sure is not. Fully enjoyable, just to quote myself, but it’s more like a tasteful candy or a sweet dessert; it’s great but…