How to use different features of Viva video app

Viva video app is the app to have if you want to create and to edit the video using snappy effects as the storyboards,  picture in picture or slow motions without the requirements to have editing skills. The app has been packed with many powerful and unique features and it has easy to use features that can make you to turn into a film director that you had always dreamed to be. To start, you may pick the video that you had installed in the gallery. When you pick the video, you will be able to work on it as you wish. 

  • The app has already the creative lenses to use for creating or editing the video that can be posted on Vine or Instagram: It is easy to change the length of the time through choosing the start or the end points for the video you want to post.
  •   You can change the frame size or you can position in order to focus to the point you desire.  
  • If you want to be adventurous, you can apply the filters on the intro or outro sections so that your video may have the professional touch.
  • Being able to viva video run clips at the same time, it may be tricky but with the Viva video app, it is easy to run two video set at once and this will make you to be the master of the short film. 
  • If you do not have a video to edit or if you want to put your picture together, you can use the short photo montages where you use your photos found in the gallery phone.
  • After choosing the images to use, the app will bring them together and it will help you to create the video in automatic way when it links the images together. 
  • It is easy to make the images more interesting by adding the stickers and the captions.
  • When the video is finished, you may share it with your friends on WhatsApp or on Facebook. 
  • If the video is only meant for certain people, you can choose them and to send the video only on the people you want them to see it. 
  • The app makes it easy to learn what happens behind the scenes or to create the mini-masterpiece. 
  • However, the free version will only give you five minutes for your video and all your videos will be watermarked.


How to use SHOWBOX APP

SHOWBOX APP is the app that can be downloaded by anyone and it can be installed faster using the instructions given for the Showbox app on the android device. The best way to use the app is to use the apk file. It is a technique that can be applicable on all the android apps when you want to install the app and you can follow these procedures.

Before you even start to download the app, you should keep in mind that you have to let the installation of the app from the unknown source through security showbox app under setting option.

  •  In order to get the app on the device, you have to get  the app from the given link and in case you want, you can download it in the computer and then to transfer it in the device you want through the use of the USB cable
  • After successful installation, you can remove the USB cable but if this is not the case, the file may be corrupted.  After installing the app, there is no need of using the computer again.
  •  After installation, you can go to the Menu of the apps on the Smartphone and scroll until you can find the cursor and to click at file manager. When you have not installed the app yet, you can install it from the Google Play Store.
  • The file manager app will be able to see the stored data at the device and you will be able to click on the File manager and to tap at the downloaded Showbox apk file at once.
  • After getting to the app, you will go to the enter button in order to continue and to finish this process.
  • After the first step, you are going to be asked if you may install the app or not and when you click on install button, you may wait for some minutes and the app installation will be finished on android phone.
  • Now you are able to get access to the app afterwards without the need to login or to sign up any details on your part.
  • With this app, you will no long find it hard to get to the movies or TV shows that you need to watch online.
  • The instructions on how to use the app are found online and they are easy to follow.
  • There is nothing to pay when it comes to using the app


How to Profit From a Storage Unit

The best way to deal with continually rotating stock, is to retailer unused or excess stock in a mini storage locker.

Many tiny businesses, specifically in purchasing plazas and substantial demand rental spots, don’t have space on website to preserve inventory. Most storage rental services charge among $30 and $100 a month, which can be significantly less expensive than renting a more substantial company spot.

Keep further goods in your locker, and move them on web site as required!

Websites like eBay and Amazon have created the thought of profit from resale available to practically everyone with a computer. As the saying goes, “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure.” Don’t throw one thing out just because it’s in the way, when you can shop it for a lower value in an affordable storage locker and make a revenue from it later on!

Small and massive workplace firms

Companies frequently shed money renting out expensive office space to store unused things like files, redundant computers and printers, and office eames lounge chair replica. This final results in an unproductive waste of room and cash, which can be prevented by renting less expensive offsite storage.

Many huge firms who deal with mobile revenue forces can revenue from rental storage by using it as a temporary enterprise base to keep and distribute advertising and marketing and print literature, stage of sale displays and far more. Several storage facilities can provide net, light, and power in units for businesses who demand these solutions.