Music festivals

Music and friendships sounds like a great cocktail

How to make lots of friends during a music festival? Making friends is not always easy, but music festivals transform this task into something much more enjoyable. Think about it, it’s pretty sure you have at least one thing in…

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How to save money during festivals?

Enjoy the festivals season within your budget As ticket prices rise year after year, the content of your wallet tends to stagnate. Your passion for musical events consumes a large part of your monthly income and you are desperately looking…

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Pieces of advice to help you get ready for your festival week

Let’s pack! Festival essentials Once you have bought your ticket, it is important to think about the equipments you need to prepare in order to face unwanted emergencies and to spend a good festival. After all it’s all about preparing…

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International Music Festivals

Tomorrowland in Belgium Here is another electro festival in a totally different style! Entering the Tomorrowland site is a bit like falling into Alice’s hole in Wonderland. It is a total of three days of electronic music organized in a…

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