Let’s pack! Festival essentials

Once you have bought your ticket, it is important to think about the equipments you need to prepare in order to face unwanted emergencies and to spend a good festival. After all it’s all about preparing for fun.

 A towel

You will need a medium size towel, (more like XXL), because it's always useful.

A flashlight

You can bring for example a small dynamo lamp (cheap), because the path to the campsite will be dark. Besides, it can really help you find your stuff once lost.

A small care kit

Don’t forget to bring things such as bandages, insect bite balm, etc. Nothing in particular, unless you have special needs (allergy, asthma or other). In case of a major problem, the Red Cross trucks are usually there! The basic idea for everything you want to take with you is: "If you can't stand to lose it/damage it, don't bring it". You need to know that whatever you miss, you will necessarily find a good soul or mini-market to save your life. After all nothing binds a friendship like the desperate search for a handkerchief!

A mini reserve of wipes and toilet paper

Leave the big packages in your tent, and take what you need for using it during the day. You may carry small waterproof bags (such as freezer bags) to keep wipes damp (and clean), paper dry, and your money safe from unpleasant surprises!

Your little bottles of disinfectant gel and sunscreen

You may have a big bottle at the tent (shared with your friends), but it is important to put some back in throughout the day. So bring a small container, and don't forget it!

Something to cover up your head

Covering your head is so protective. Even a scarf does the trick, but a hat is not bad, and it's decorative and beautiful! Don’t forget your sunglasses.

A sweater or hoody

You might need a soft hoodie. A really basic thing; whose sleeves don't fear to be tied around your waist. It can save your life.

A raincoat

Even if you're sure you're not using it, take it. If it rains, the concerts will not wait for it to calm down, you will not have shelter and it will be impossible to dry your clothes just by hanging them in your tent, especially if you wear jeans. The important thing is to avoid getting soaked as much as possible.

Bring food

Food often causes problems during festivals. On the one hand, not everyone has/can carry a cooler to store their food, but on the other hand, your bank account  can't afford  the stands that offer you meals, So you can Prepare what you can in a Tupperware, and bring cans... and of course a can opener!