History of musical instruments

How did it all started ? The 20th has witnessed many technical changes in relation with musical history: the use and production of musical instruments. In addition to the way music was listened to. Percussion instruments took on a particular…

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Spiritual Hindu Music

Hindu yoga music Indian modal music was offered to the Gods and played exclusively in temples. Nowadays, we have the joy of practicing it as yoga in the intimacy of the inner sanctuary. Our body constantly vibrates to the rhythm…

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Music in Religion

Church music Music is used by all religions, because it opens the Universe of the Sacred to human beings. Church music includes liturgical music and sacred music. It is essential for us to make a clear distinction between sacred music…

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The world’s musical instruments

Main families of musical instruments There are three main families of musical instruments; string, wind and percussion. Each of these three families contains many instruments. String instruments include violin, cello and all instruments played with a bow, plucked string instruments…

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