Enjoy the festivals season within your budget

As ticket prices rise year after year, the content of your wallet tends to stagnate. Your passion for musical events consumes a large part of your monthly income and you are desperately looking for a way to save as much money as possible, without abandoning the music festivals that are so dear to your heart.

Choose group ticket packs

Some organizers offer cheaper ticket packages if you take them in groups. Find out about this kind of package that could save you some money and enjoy having friends to go with!

If you are staying in an hotel

Look for good deals around where you are staying. Prepare your salads and sandwiches if you want to avoid expensive food outside.


Almost all festival organizers are looking for volunteers who are willing to serve at the counters, inform visitors or manage the cleanliness of the festival. In exchange for a day of volunteering, you will generally have access to the festival on the other days without having to pay the ticket (any effort deserves a reward!). This solution can be a good compromise if you ever have a little extra time to devote to your passion for festivals!

 Be proactive = save money

In advance, you can buy pre-sale tickets at a reduced price for events such as the Calgary Stampede and the K-Days in Edmonton. A few months before, subscribe by email to the festival newsletters to be informed of all special offers.

Don't bring more than you need

The best way not to spend too much at a festival is not to bring your credit card with you. Just before leaving, a sum is established by calculating the costs related to food and alcohol. So try to stick to your budget don’t exceed it. This method also helps you limit alcohol consumption, which is not bad.

Collect plastic cups

Generally, in festivals, when we order a drink, we are also charged a small amount of money for the cup, which we collect once we have finished using it. But with alcohol, many people forget their cups or leave them lying around without paying attention. That's where you get into action, getting them back, unseen and unknown, and bringing them back to the drinks stands to make some money. With only 5 cups returned, you can afford a new drink.