How to make lots of friends during a music festival?

Making friends is not always easy, but music festivals transform this task into something much more enjoyable. Think about it, it's pretty sure you have at least one thing in common with your festival friends, maybe a devouring passion for music! They can become your favorite people.

Smile even if you don’t usually

You'll have to take your eyes off your phone, smile, a little more than usual

Start a conversation

People are here to have fun, after all. Ask them more questions about what kind of music they like, and what they plan to do during the festival, and you can always talk about the weather if the subject runs out. There's nothing like a light conversation to soften the mood.

Some great results that can come from meeting a new friend

You know the bands they know!

Then maybe you can see that person again at another one of their concerts and say hello. It's going to make you look really cool knowing people. You could even take the opportunity to go with them to the festival floor.

You don't know the bands they know!

Then you have the opportunity to learn something from your new friend. Ask more questions about the band; maybe it will lead you to a concert you didn't think you were going to! You can share your list of your favorite groups to inspire them to go see a new band or two! A beautiful friendship cemented by music.

Share the trip

If you are driving your car to the party, life has to be amazing. If not, try joining the ride of a stranger or a group of people who too; seem to be going to the event you are attending (but, of course, be smart about it). You will arrive at the festival after a few hours of swapping your life stories.

Share a Compliment

This is a really easy one. With so many people around, you’re bound to see something new and interesting in every corner. Like someone’s tattoo? Tell him. Does she have amazing sunglasses? Ask to try them on!

Dress to shine

Wear something outrageous. Maybe a short neon dress, a spandex bodysuit, glittery shoes, or enormous hair accessories. In sum, something totally impractical and completely fun. You’ll be hard to ignore - and that’s the point.