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Music instruments: origins, history...

These various instruments produce different sounds. Some have even won a popularity prize. Chordal instruments like the violin, guitar and piano; wind instruments, mainly woodwinds like the flute, bombard, saxophone also brass instruments trumpet, horn, and percussion like xylophone, drum, maracas…

The piano

The saxophone

The violin

The flute

The guitar

Music in Cinema

Music in films, a great combination of arts

Music added to the soundtrack of a film or performed to accompany a silent film. In general, the music accompanies the film’s scenes and intervenes from time to time to reinforce certain effects. Film music is composed after the film has been edited. Indeed, the main role of music in a film is to illustrate the story and make it even more captivating. For example, it can be used to take the audience to the action site. Just by hearing the melody or song played behind the images, they will find themselves in the countryside, in the jungle, in Africa or Asia at the same time as the actors.

Music in Cinema
Music in Cinema

Express yourself through your music

Each musical style/genre represents a way of self-expression…

Music, the soft communication

Your music, your reflection

Since music is a language, what do you think your favorite genre says about you?

Techno music

Techno music

This music genre is almost entirely electronic where synthesizers and drum machines mix. Born from disco, its tempo is very fast, even aggressive.

Funk music

Funk music

A style of black American music that is a mixture of rock and jazz with a very rhythmic feel. Funk was made famous by James Brown.

House music

House music

Born in Chicago in the mid-1980s. Influenced by the disco of the 70s, it is a dancing music, playing a lot in clubs. Today, it has become much more diversified.


Music is communication

Musical taste, a marker of identity

Music accompanies almost every moment of our lives, from moments of celebration to those of sadness… There are many people who can’t communicate well, and they use songs to express their feelings. Young people identify themselves with music, it is a reflection of their personality. Youth listen to modern music as well as old music. They turn to the songs that will best represent them. Also, music influences fashion and tastes are influenced by education but especially by the media, one’s environment, hometown, childhood, etc.

Music, Remixes, Djs

A remix of a song dives to a completely different artistic dimension

remix of a song
Music dimensions

Because there is no life without music!

Music dimensions

When music expresses every feeling you have...