1 - My Favorite Sound 2 - Melody Flow 3 - Mary 2 4 - Save Me 5 - Energy Straight from the good old NYC, Daze is another of my great discovers so far this year. Pure hazard sometimes makes life better. Strange story - happy ending. While Fred and I were waiting in the parking lot for the Warped Tour to begin, two guys hooked us, wanting us to listen to their CD. So we talked a lil' bit about Pirate Handshakes, and we finally listened their record. First time I was like "Dammit, another stupid Emo band .. that sucks !" .. Then the guy stopped it and opened his player .. "Oh, that wasn't our CD!" ..Anyway. I pretty much loved it at the first time, so I promised I'll be reviewing it on the website. So here I am. (By the Way, the display image of the CD art cover isn't the CD I'm reviewing here, it's "Fresh Red", their full length, and it rocks too.) I wish I knew them before, this CD is pretty good. Brilliantly blending Rock n' Roll and PunkRock into catchy and enjoyable melodies, this record is really great. The 3 guys have a really great musicianship I have to say. The music doesn't sound like anything else, which is kinda awesome nowadays. Actually, trios are tending to get out of new ideas, of new riffs, but Daze isn't a part of "those" trios. I love the voice melodies a lot. That's cool to hear something new in 2005, cause actually this year is sort of a 2004 revival I have to say. These guys are born to rock. Don't be shy, if you see their name on a flyer or see one of their records, try them !