1. Walls 2. Disguising Mistakes With Goodbyes 3. The Ponytail Parades 4. Untitled 5. Fractions 6. By All Accounts 7. As Your Voice Fades 8. Bloodless 9. Under Serious Attack 10. The Secret First of all, for those who don't know Emery, there is a biography at It's a band formed by 6 members: Toby Morrell (Lead Vocal, Guitar), Devin Shelton (Guitar, vocal), Matt Carter (Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals), Seth Studley (Drums), Joel Green (Bass), Josh Head (Keyboards). Ok first of all, this band is pretty unique in its genre even if we can call it Emo, indie, emocore or any genre you wanna refer them too. They are drived by a great lead singer (Toby Morrell) and at some point, we could say his voice has some similarities with Stephen Christian from Anberlin. This album is definately one of the greatest I've ever listened to. All songs are kinda different and you got smoother songs as well as harder ones. In this album, you got great atmosphere created by the mix of all instruments (well I'd say the use of the instruments really makes it a masterpiece they way everything's used to create the atmosphere). Ok, there aren't much bands we can compare Emery but we could say it goes a lot between Mae (Destination: Beautiful) and Silverstein (When Broken Is Easily Fixed). Some smooth parts in the songs, some harder dependending on the emotion you can find in them. Personally, my favorite songs are "The Ponytail Parades", "Walls", "Disguising Mistakes with Goodbyes", "By All Accounts (Today Was A Disaster)", "Fractions", "Bloodless", "The Note From Which A Chord Is Built", "Under Serious Attack", "The Secret", "As Your Voice Fades".... mmm damn didn't I just name them all... doh! Well they are all great, you got harder songs like "Walls" and smoother ones like "The Secret" and all the song's lyrics are really deep lyrically and contain much emotions. This is the best CD I've heard so far that was released in 2004 so you're not very late if you haven't heard this CD. Oh and also, they are part of Tooth and Nail Records and did the Tooth and Nail Tour with great bands: Watashi Wa, Slow Coming Day, Me Without You and Anberlin. They really deserve to be heard so don't miss out on the chance of listening to them and get their CD, they absolutely rock.