1 - Pulse 2 - Mute 3 - Fuse 4 - Idle Kids 5 - Hotel X (Idle Kids Part II) 6 - Warning 7 - Uproar 8 - We Got A Bomb 9 - Open Letter 10 - Strike Anywhere 11 - Doubting Thomas 12 - Greta Berkman Vs. The City 13 - Cop Song 14 - Bulletproof   "Revolution .. I think it's Called Inspiration" isn't a new album at all. Yeah, actually this masterpiece is a reissue. The first thing you'll notice by listening this CD is "The voice sounds a lot like Strike Anywhere!". Yeah, this voice is Thomas from Strike Anywhere. INQUISITION actually influenced a lot of bands back in the day, when they released this CD for the very first time. Former members are now in Strike Anywhere (Thomas), Ann Beretta (Rob) and River City High (Mark). By the way, the band "Strike Anywhere" gots it's name from an INQUISITION song called the same. From the very first chord I heard, I knew I was going to have a good day. Now let's talk about their music. Back in the day, I have to say that their music was a big step forward for the PunkRock scene in general. More technical and melodic than a lot of bands at this time, this CD is still pretty actual and great even nowadays. Songs like "Pulse", "Mute", "Idle Kids" and "Uproar" really got me at the very first listening. My favorite song is for sure the one called "Strike Anywhere", it's a pretty fast and melodic song, with a harsh and catchy chorus, thumbs up. All along the CD, you'll discover a band that is still pretty singular by it's style. Even today, I have to say that no band can pretend to do stuff like INQUISITION did. For sure, Strike Anywhere refers a lot, considering that it's the same singer, but you can't really say that they nailed it as INQUISITION did it a decade ago. Fast, energic, melodic, this CD shows a lot of positiveness in the music lines, just like the mood of the CD is pretty different than the "anger-hate-tragedy" actual form of PunkRock. Amazing bass lines, catchy choruses, fast verses, I'm so sad I've never heard of them before I received this masterpiece in my mailbox. Some comments from some guys you might know : "A band like Inquisition made a dent in the underground punk community in their heyday, when they should have been a full blown car crash." -Tim Barry (AVAIL) "Very few things will leave as lasting an impression on me as the first chord of the first song I heard by them." -Jason Black (HOT WATER MUSIC) "Inquisition had it all, the energy, the desperation, political lyrics, it was all there and it got me so psyched." -Tim (ENSIGN) "I thought they were what punk rock should sound like." - Pat Thetic (ANTI-FLAG)