1. Analog 2. BluePrint of the Fall 3. Katatonia 4. Her Name In Blood 5. AngelDust 6. LuciferMotorCade 7. Vampires 8. No Voice of Mine 9. Anna Lee 10. Never Speak Again 11. Skeleton Danse 12. Scarlet 13. Swan Dive 14. The Misanthropic Principle


"You take the way you know, I'll take the road unknown and meet you there at the end of times" .. Amazing opener. Not as great as Mission To Mars (Element of Sonic Defiance), but really nice. Great lyrics, great melody, nice breakdowns. Great, but not awesome. 7/10.

BluePrint of The Fall

"Imagine a Place Where freedom's just a word on the wall surrounded by the wreckage of towers that could never fall".. This is one of the most technical songs on this Album. The guitars are amazing though, from the intro to his crazy ending. Nice bassline too. Read the lyrics, they're awesome. 9/10


"They Say I won't Survive You" .. Katatonia, from the foreign word "Katatonic", which means state of schyzophrenia (spelling right ?probably not). This is one of my favorites. The verses starts slowly and then .. BANG .. The double bass drum kicks in and blows you away. "Cross My heart and Hope to Die .. Never leave this place alive" .. 9/10

Her Name In Blood

"Mother Mary bury me in a place they'll never Find " .. Another one of my favorites. Hardcore-ish like song, with bak to back breakdowns and nice guitar riffs. "GIVE IT AWAY GIVE IT AWAY RIDE THIS BITCH TO HELL". Gorgeous and tight. 9.5/10


Vampires sister it seems. The other slow song of the album. Better than Vampires for me. "In the darkest places .. love can grow" .. 7/10


"Burn the Flag of every nation state, flood the palace with the peoples hate" .. Hell Yeah ! An heavy one. The song with the most screaming parts, with a son of a bitch guitar solo .. It sounds like Slayer ! (By the way, Matt Hyde produced this album). No complex of complacency on that one ! 9/10


Really slow song. The kind of songs that never hooks me. It's great, but not of my favorites. Listen to it and then judge it ! 6.5/10

No Voice Of Mine

Fast, energic, crazy. Previously released on Rock Against Bush #1, so it's nothing really new. I can't get bored of that one. Really cool guitar riff from the beginning to the end. 8/10

Anna Lee

The worst song of the album. It's SO catchy. "Anna Lee don't you Cry For Me" .. You see ? Anyway. 5/10

Never Speak Again

Right after the lamest one of the album, you go through the most experimental one. "To Never have to speak again to never say your name again" .. The bridge with the bass guitar solo is .. I don't know .. GORGEOUS ? Yeah. And after a short break .. BAM ! A brick right on your face. Nice outro, with Chris Aiken showing us his piano skills. 8/10 for me, but 150/10 for the experience.

Skeleton Danse

Nice song. I really love this song, but she's not a "major fact" on the CD. She's placed between Never Speak Again and Scarlet, which is nothing to make it starred .. Anyway, listen it, it's great ! 8/10


Here we go. This is is the story of a HUGE bassline and a guitar solo that fits in SO perfectly. My favorite song these times, I'm just hooked on it since I have the CD. 10/10

Swan Dive

"The loneliest caged bird sings the saddest song" .. The next Bro Hymn. A tribute to Jim Cherry, their ex-bass guitar player. "And if you ask me what went wrong I'd tell you nobody is doing fine we're all fucked up and doin' time" .. This song makes me emo !!! No, seriously. This song is the most emotionally charged on the CD, and it's still PunkRock ! The proof that you can show your emotions without having thight pants and XXX's. This song deserves a 9.5/10 !