TRACK LISTING : 1 - War Profiteering is Killing Us All 2 - Capitalist Suicide 3 - Ghosts on Sunset Boulevard 4 - Junk 5 - 17% 18 to 25 6 - Capsule: AKA - Requiem For The Stupid Human Race 7 - All Systems Fail 8 - The Red Flag 9 - Nuclear Generators 10 - Bottomed Out 11 - Revolution is on the Clearance Rack 12 - Hands Tied 13 - I Went on Tour For 10 Years And All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt   With their 6th studio album, the Suicide Machines are back two years after "A Match and some Gasoline" with their brand new effort; "War Profiteering is Killing us All". As the obvious continuation of "A Match.."(2003), this record is probably their best ever. Heavy, loud and fast as the Suicide Machines have always been, they still mix dirty and hardcore-ish Punk Rock with Ska like no other bands. The listening of this CD ( at least twice a day since I got it ) makes me feel like they finally found who they are as individuals and what they want as a band. The politically-charged contents of this CD plus their ability to make songs so great-sounding proves it. A powerful but short (about 30 minutes) mix of 14 battle hymns filled with awesome vocal parts, killer bass lines, technical drum accents and starring the king of Ska Anthems; Dan Lukacinsky, it's Detroit's scene at it's finest. As usual, a Suicide Machines CD is a mix of Punk Rock, HardCore and Ska, and this is probably why I'm following this band since they began, or almost. No surprise here; this is what we got. From the hardest and heaviest songs to the up-beat and voluptuous Ska/Reggae-influenced tunes, this record is an honest reflection of the US actual disease and a fuckin' statement to the Punk Scene : Emo will never count them into his harming hands. Thanks Jesus. This band kinda changed with the years, as their line-up did too. Fortunately, these changes haven't disturbed their evolution at all. From "Destruction by Definition" (1996), to "A Match And Some Gasoline" (2003), you can feel the maturity the guys got from touring and writing more and more songs, before finally finding the perfect recipe for rocking; "War Profiteering is Killing us All". My favorite song is actually "Capsule". God dammit. This song is so great. Starts like a lot of the other Suicide Machines songs; fast and eclectic punk rock with Jason Navarro's incredible voice. Then everything turns to destruction; loud and slow Hardcore with heavy breakdowns, and a killer dirty old-school ska part, simply awesome. Plus the title of this song is plenty honest and so true, according to the lyrics of the song. (Capsule AKA - Requiem for the Stupid Human Race) There's actually a lot of songs I just can't get enough, like "War Profiteering is Killing us All", one of the most amazing openers I've been allowed to hear until today. Sort of a revival of "A Match and Some Gasoline", this song is simply great. "17% 18 to 25", a song about the last US Presidential Elections and the people voting or not is another of my favourites songs; "YEAHHHH FUCK THIS WORLD !"; fast and harsh, dammit. Another masterpiece; "Revolution is on the Clearance Rack". 2 minutes of intense screaming and an amazing bass line, terrible ! For the Ska/Reggae lovers, don't worry, there's lots of great stuff for you too. As "Capitalist Suicide" sounds a lot like their older stuff, "I Went On Tour For 10 Years .. And All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt" is actually one of their best "slower" songs. Reggae up-beat verses, slow hardcore choruses, the perfect mix if you ask me. "Junk", the 4th song, the most flagrant revival of the Suicide Machines good old days, is an awesome song too. I tell you, the entire CD is awesome. They even kept their "poppy-punk rock" influences on certain songs, like "The Red Flag", "Ghosts on Sunset Boulevard" and "Bottomed Out" that are anthems to all the sing along songs they have made earlier in their career. As you succeeded reading this whole brick of useless words, you now deserve a little gift; you can STREAM THE WHOLE CD for your enjoyment ! Go to your favourite Record Store, and buy this CD, you won't get disappointed at all ! This CD now wears the "2005 Record of the Year's" golden Belt. Thumbs up to the guys !!