Published on : 03 February 20201 min reading time

Table of Contents


1. Cold cash and colder hearts
2. Under a killing moon
3. All that’s left
4. Silhouette
5. Stare at the sun
6. Paper Tigers
7. Hoods on peregrine
8. The melting point of wax
9. Blood clots and black holes
10. The artist in the ambulance
11. The abolition of man
12. Don’t tell and we won’t ask

Island records has release the thrid thrice album. This unquire band with it’s punk metal signature sound got started in 1998 and has been working hard ever since. Teppei Teranishi’ guitar lead is awesome in the cd. Which adds to the magic of the drummer’s, Riley Breckenridge, handiwork. Dustin Kensrue has this soaring voice which really adds to the lyrics. Not to
mention the amazing job at bass, Eddie Breckenridge, has done. This cd is filled with amazing lyrics like “The Artist in the Ambulance”, the cd’s title track. The lyrics were inspired by Al Burian’s book Bure Collecter.
That is not the only great song from this album . “Paper Tigers” has the greatest guitar lead and for the most heavist song they have done on this album, it has the coolest vocals. To get to know more about this cd, pick it up!