Published on : 06 August 20192 min reading time


Sick with myself, but i’ve got no one else,
so i give it to myself it’s the only thing that helps
it’s the same thing this pain thing that keeps me from sleeping
and screaming that god i must be motha fucking dreaming
and i can rest in peace and atleast cease to be
cease to see those things in me that make me wanna cease to breath
and ceased to need and ceased to feed, sickness thats in me
this is all that I can be, i can’t breath as I bleed

Tha Producer:

I dont know why I cut myself, god, give me a sign or help
I wont cry it’ll be fine, I’ll take my last breath
push it out my chest till theres nothing left

I know that my minds near the end, god, I hurt myself and fell
I wont cry it’ll be fine, i’ll take my last breath
push it out my chest till theres nothing left


Have you ever met a living legend, just a real friend who planned his
end and where do I began you said it was pretend. And when the bullet
went through it took more then just you, it took two it was you it was
me and suddenly…… How can someone say they’re helpless and then they act so
selfish. You put me through hell with this so fuck you lets just end
this. And what about our friendship and what you did was senseless. You
thought you found an exit. Like I said lets end this


Tha Producer:

I just wanna say good bye, Dissappear with no one knowing
I dont wanna live this lie, smiling to the world unknowing
I dont want you to try, you’ve done enough to keep me going
i’ll be fine, I’ll be fine, i’ll be fine for the very last time