1. Overture 2. Smooth Modulator 3. Stand Up 4. Radio Flyer's Last Journey 5. Cash Cowbell 6. Half-Man; Half-Shark Equals One Complete Gentlemen 7. Shotgun! 8. Calmer Than You Are 9. Faso Latido 10. God Bless You (God Damnit) 11. Marylin Monrobot 12.Modern Day Fire 13.The Jesus Haircut Okay so here we go. First of all, I've been highly disappointed by the first listening I gave to this record. Why ? I'm a huge ASL fan from long times and even without being an Emo/Screamo/Whatever-you-call-it fan, I always loved the ASL music. Because ASL were still apart from the rest of the industry of fashion-faggot-posers musicians by putting out different stuff than any other band. With the release of Faso Latido, the guys from ASL has just made what I thought was going to happen; they just joined the mainstream class of Emo. Not that this record is bad or awful, cause it's not at all. Just that the sound changed so much. Song by song, let's see. Overture Yeah, it's an overture. Smooth Modulator Hmmm. This song's kinda great. It starts great. Unfortunately, the clean parts looks like some lame AlexisOnFire newer stuff .. with a nice melody I'd say. I enjoyed the mood of that song. The more you listen the more you love. 7/10. Stand Up Okay. That's the tricky one .. ! I guess this song is the designed one to be the first single of the CD. I hate it, but I'm listening it on & on. This song is addictive. This is bad. Haha. Stand Up ! We're falling back Again ! 8/10 for the addictiveness. Radio Flyer's Last Journey Right On. This song is terrible. Probably my favorite. Heavy. Loud. Powerful. PunkRock. This is A Static Lullaby like I enjoy them. Totally crazy. 9.5/10. Cash Cowbell Pretty lame. looks like an improved Taking Back Sunday song, with the talent and the prestance. Anyway. A bit too cheesy for me. 6/10. Half-Man; Half-Shark Equals One Complete Gentlemen Excellent song. The title is so nice. The clean vocal parts are gorgeous. Not much to say about it. Just great. 7/10. Shotgun ! Slow song. Really slow song. Excellent slow song. Really excellent slow song. 7.5/10 Calmer Than You Are Not bad. lame at some moments, but overall it's doing it. Calm song. Excellent ending. 7/10 Faso Latido The song that represents the best this album. Calm, cheesy, but intense. Don't really know what to say about it. 7.5/10 God Bless You (God Damnit) Huh .. sorry .. I was sleeping. 4/10. Marilyn Monrobot Alright Pimp Daddy. This song is the shit. One of my Top 3 for this album. This song hooked me. Totally. Gorgeous. 8/10 Modern Day Fire Great. Fits in. Makes the job. Once again, it's all about the mood. 6.5/10 The Jesus Haircut Excellent end to a CD like this one. It kinda retraces all the moods of the CD, putting in an excellent song. Somewhere through the ending it sounds like a song from the latest AFI release, that's actually funny. All along the listening of this CD, you can exactly say what these dudes were listening when they wrote the songs. 7/10. So, uh. Where's the screamer ? This is what I thought after some listenings. It's just too bad. This guy is the central nerve of this band. What made ...And don't Forget To Breathe a so good record was that the mixing of scream and clean vocal parts was perfect. In this record, screaming is always backwards, hidden somewhere in the closet. Okay, their clean parts are great too, I know, but too much is like not having enough heh. Plus, they replaced their hardcore-ish breakdowns and songs by moods and atmospheres, which is not too much what I love. Honestly, I can compare ASL with AlexisOnFire. Masters at the first release, messing up the second by wanting too much. The best thing would have been to keep up the recipe that made them so special to me.